The CMTO recently worked with Western Riverina Arts, a regional arts body connecting creative communities across the Riverina of NSW for some media training.

Local art and culture collective, Sound of Art wanted training in podcasting to support the voices of artists across the region especially during the pandemic.

CMTO Trainer, Emma Couch, got the group together for a two-day pathways course covering Interviewing, Editing and Podcasting.

The students all worked toward creating their own podcast and showcased their recordings using podcast platform Buzz Sprout 

Watch the audiogram with Marg and Romina who talk about the outcomes of the course.

“Very grateful for CMTO to have brought us this podcasting and editing. There are so many opportunities where we can actually make the voice of artists and creators in our community heard through this medium and as a result, feeling actually really confident, inspired and excited about what we can do in the future through Western Riverina Arts and through our local waves.”- Marg, participant.

“I thank the team and of course you Emma, it was a great, great weekend, we did great training. I would recommend it to anybody who is interested in the arts of any sort and I definitely think it’s skills that I will keep on board and definitely use in the future” - Romina, participant.

The training was funded by Western Riverina Arts

Stations, community organisations and businesses can request tailored training programs from the CMTO at any time as part of our Fee for Service program. 

Contact the CMTO for more information on how we can tailor a training program for your organisation. 

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