Photo editing is equally as important as the skill of photography itself. A content maker should be good at both.

 GDI3951Using basic photographic techniques to take a photo | CMTO 

Knowing how to edit a photo is just as important as knowing how to take a good photo. If you possess the skill to edit a photograph, you will find it a lot less daunting. 

 Once you have gone through all the photos you have taken for your project and have decided which ones best complement your story, you may need to adjust elements of the photographs to make them look more visually appealing, remove faults or to enhance your story. 

One photo, many platforms 

When you edit a photograph, you need to have in mind the final destination for it. A photo intended to be published as a thumbnail to click on might be very different from an image under the headline of your story. For this reason you should aim to take photos that are neutral and allow room for cropping.

Photo editing using an iPhone

IMG 4787You can always crop out obstructive or distracting elements of the photograph after the fact | CMTO

Editing photos doesn’t necessarily mean spending a whole bunch of money on expensive photo editing software. You might not initially think to edit your photos using an iPhone but trust us, you can get some pretty great results. 

The crop tool (as shown above) also provides the ability to rotate, straighten and adjust the image. You can also crop to an aspect ratio depending upon the platform you will upload the image to.

The enhance tool on an iPhone can completely change the feel of the image. When you enhance an image using your smartphone it boosts the contrast and saturation of the image. See the difference between the two images below?

IMG 4789IMG 4788Image before and after enhancement | CMTO

The filter tool is something you might see people use on Instagram or use yourself. When making content you should be careful because filters can affect the professionalism of your piece. Using a filter is good particularly if you want to change an image from colour to black and white or sepia to convey a message. Be wary with this tool however as it is easy to overdo it. Every decision made should have a solid reason behind it. Adding a filter over the top of your image changes the composition and offers different effects. 

Image saving format 

All images should be saved as Jpeg. If you are unsure if your image is a Jpeg have a look at the actual file. It should have .jpg written after it. If you edit your image using photoshop, you should always save the photo in its highest resolution. Compressing the image comprimises its quality.

Check out this guide to digital image file types.


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