Shooting behind the scenes makes content far more interesting and adds another dimension for the audience to engage with. 

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A filmed interview can be super boring if it is just a static shot of the interviewer and the interviewee and in some cases is no better than simply providing the audio of the interview.
If you plan ahead you will be able to successfully make your interview video far more interesting without needing to become an expert. 

Before your talent arrives to the location for the interview, make sure they are aware that you might use outtake footage and behind the scenes footage. You should give them a release form to fill out so you have a record of them granting you this permission. Film them when they arrive – perhaps even coming through the door, setting up and leaving. This will provide you with the extra footage you need to turn your video into an interesting piece. 

Remember: often the most interesting part of an interview is the conversation that happens when the microphones are turned off. 

Tim from Triple R gives us some great tips on shooting behind the scenes and what to include. Watch the video below:

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Here are some further tips on shooting behind the scenes.
Heeeeres Johnny! Take a look at the behind the scenes footage from the classic The Shining.

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