CMTO are collaborating with 4EB to train Culturally and Linguistically Diverse broadcasters in community journalism skills. 

CMTO’s Community Journalism Training Project (CJTP) is a free 5-week online learning course focusing on community journalism. 

The course is designed to empower community broadcasters with the skills, knowledge and confidence to work as community journalists.

With 4EB, we aim to teach participants to find stories that matter to their communities, write for news and current affair radio programs, record & edit at home and conduct great interviews.

Participants get the chance to engage with industry professionals in webinars, create news packages and pitch current affairs stories, all with the support of a CMTO trainer.

Here’s what Eduardo Jordan, Producer of the The Wire and CJTP assessor, had to say about the project:

"The community journalism course will diversify the media landscape in Australia, which is exciting. Also, to see that our community is reporting on issues affecting their community is vital for our democracy, and these courses are taking back the power to people. 

The participants of the community journalism course will learn from the new material on how to report accurately on radio, and I believe the new revamped course will boost the confidence on them to produce news and current affairs about issues affecting the community. This new generation of reporters will give a voice to underrepresented communities across Australia. You don't need to have a uni degree to become a journalist!"

If you’re interested in learning more about community journalism check out the community journalism panel at the CBAA Conference in Cairns this week, facilitated by CMTO CEO Giordana Caputo. 

In ‘Building a Newsroom At Your Station’ leading in community journalism will share their experience creating effective community radio newsrooms. 

Panellists include Eduardo Jordan from the Wire, CEO of Ngaarda Media Tangiora Hinaki; Mia Armitage from Bay FM, and 4ZZZ Station Manager and Journalist Stephen Stockwell.

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