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What is Skills Tasmania?

Skills Tasmania is a funding program by the Department for State Growth, Tasmania, to subsidise some of the costs of selected vocational education courses, including traineeships.

In Tasmania, the CMTO (RTO ID: 91800) offers the following courses that are subsidised for students by Skills Tasmania:

Whether you're a prospective student or a prospective employer of a trainee, the Skills Tasmania website tells you everything you need to know about government subsidised training before you enrol with your preferred training provider.

The enrol in a Skills Tasmania funded course at the CMTO, a student must:

  1. Read and understand the information contained in FORM 22 Student Information Handbook.
  2. Talk with their station manager about the course.
  3. Apply for a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This can be done by going to the Unique Student Identifier website. All students enrolling after January 2015 must have a USI. If you would like assistance call the CMTO office on 02 9318 9626
  4. Request an Enrolment Form from the CMTO. 

Upon enrolment evidence must be provided of citizenship. Students must also provide evidence that they live or work in Tasmania. A government document such as a driver licence, a letter from Centrelink, or a letter from a utility provider that states the student’s name and address can act as evidence that the student lives in Tasmania. A letter from an employer can be provided as proof that the student works in Tasmania.

Information for employers

If you’re thinking of employing a trainee to undertake a traineeship, download our Traineeship info kit.  

This training is supported by the Tasmanian Government. 

Contact us to find out more.

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