Delivery: 6 hours (1 day)
Course Type: Management

This session explores the value of diversity in your station community and how to contribute towards a safe, inclusive station. You will look at your station’s policies on diversity and inclusion and how you can help create safe, accessible places for everyone in the community to participate at your station.

Students will learn to: 
  • Recognise and respect individual differences in colleagues, clients and customers
  • Understand the value of diversity in creating happy and productive stations
  • Know some of the impacts of gendered harassment and assault in the workplace
  • Understand some of the barriers victims face in coming forwards
  • Know about their station’s policy on diversity and inclusion and which internal and external routes to take to make a complaint
  • Identify their own power to be part of a culture change in these areas

CMTO Pathways courses do not lead to an NRT AQF certification.

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