Station Tech for the Non-Technical

Duration: 6 hours (1 day)

Course Type: Technical

Training requirements: Cohort of 8-10 staff/volunteers (consisting of high level staff, board and/or committee members)

Course fees per cohort* (inc. GST): 

Delivery Mode Subsidised rate for Community Media Orgs Full Course Fee
Face to face $1,920 $2,400

*as at 1st July 2023 current to 30th June 2024


This session aims to participants find out what they don’t know about station tech, and leave them with just enough knowledge. It covers phones, studios, transmitters, OBs, air conditioning, and a heap more. This course is presented in conjunction with Technorama and is aimed at higher level station members including those on station boards or committees. 

This course covers:

  • What the equipment in a station does
  • How to identify, describe, document and catalogue the equipment that a station has
  • How to identify future tech needs in terms of strategic plans and current equipment
  • Basic technical skills for all station staff and volunteers to develop
  • Poblem determination, identify faults and call for help
  • Tips on building a technology team

CMTO Pathways courses do not lead to an NRT AQF certification.

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