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CMTO has collaborated with The Wire in supporting community broadcasters to produce outstanding current affairs stories. 

The graduates of CMTO’s 2023 Community Journalism Training Project have had the opportunity of producing stories for the Community Broadcasting Sector’s national current affairs radio program The Wire

They used the pitches which were developed through CJTP, and produced full stories with the guidance of producers at The Wire and support from CMTO.

The Wire’s producers Moemina Shukur, Roderick Chambers, Eduardo Jordan, and Emma Wotzke each supported a broadcaster over the past few months in crafting their stories. 

Jo Pratt and Eduardo Jordan from 4EB - Brisbane Ethnic Community Radio provided essential assistance in the establishment of the program.

We hope the experience empowers these broadcasters to continue to tell stories that impact their communities. 

Listen to the stories here:

 We are aiming to deliver another round of CJTP this year. Sign up to our bulletin to keep up to date.

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