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Policy / Procedure

Student Support Services


This policy supports the Standards for RTOs 2015 which requires RTOs to provide student support services to all students.

This policy ensures that all students are given support while undertaking training with the CMTO.

This support includes both academic support and personal support. The following procedures also ensure that students are made aware of the support available.

Staff at the CMTO will offer professional and confidential advice in areas where they can help and will make every effort to ensure a positive learning experience is achieved.

  1. Students are asked to declare any disabilities or learning support needs on their initial application/enrolment form.
  2. CMTO trainers assess the student’s training needs and LLN levels in an initial assessment session at the beginning of each course.
  3. Results are recorded in FORM 62 Trainer Report and are reviewed by the Training Manager, and students who require additional support are identified.
  4. Where specific learning and support needs are required, an appropriate support plan is developed and agreed by the student (and other stakeholder where relevant, e.g., parent) as part of the enrolment process.
  5. Support services may include but are not limited to:

Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN)

LLN needs are identified through the LLN assessments and further actioned through referral to CSWE courses or additional contact hours provided to the trainee.


Provided one on one by trainers and assessors

Disability support

Determined through Enrolment Forms and actions to be determined dependant on disability. For projects that are specifically catered to a cohort of people with disability, the project manager will be in regular independent communication with facilitators (i.e., mentors, tutors) and students throughout the delivery of the project. This is to ensure that both parties are well-supported, and any issues that may arise are addressed through the CMTO processes.

Language and Cultural Support

For students whose first language is not English, the CMTO is able to offer support through a cultural liaison officer.

Information Technology (IT) support;
For some courses, students are provided with access to online materials through an online Learning Management System (LMS) (MOODLE) these students are provided with materials which support students to access these resources

  1. Relevant staff members are alerted to the student’s requirements and the support plan is implemented.
  2. Where it is identified after commencement that a student requires further or additional support, the student and relevant staff will develop or review an appropriate support plan implemented in agreement with the student (and other stakeholder(s) where relevant, e.g., parent).
  3. In all cases where a support plan requires specialist advice, for example learning skills, language skills or medical issues, this will be sought as required to inform decision making.
  4. The student for whom a support plan is being developed may be required to suspend participation in some or all their enrolled course and/or related activities where this is deemed appropriate, based on Training Manager’s advice, and in accordance with applicable policies.
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