Submission of Student Assessment work

This is a summary of the Submission of Student Assessment Work policy/procedure that supports the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 in providing a process for submission of assessment work

  • All assessment submission dates are included in the course training timetable.
  • A date for final submissions is also included in the timetable. This date is the last day that any assessments can be submitted. Students failing to submit by the final assessment date will be found Not Yet Competent.
  • Students requesting special consideration for extension of time to the final assessment submission date must do so in writing to their trainer/assessor. It must include the reason for the request and evidence where applicable, and be lodged prior to the assessment task due date. The request is forwarded to the CMTO Training Manager who will provide a response in writing within one week. Approval must be retained by the student and attached to the assignment upon submission.
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