On Thursday the 20th of February, seventeen participants from Community Radio Stations across Australia came together in Melbourne to undertake the first CMTO TAKE IT ON professional development workshop of 2020 “Secrets of Successful Community Broadcasting Boards “.
Facilitated by Patrick Moriarty from Our Community, the intensive workshop focused on the principles of board structure, roles, meeting processes and constitutions,  good governance, compliance, and the importance of implementing positive change from the top of the organisation. Participants of the workshop were encouraged to think critically and creatively about the elements required to create successful boards, and what strategies they could implement to cultivate the desired culture of their organisation.

Participants said they now have new-found confidence around governance and compliance, with many stating they had a renewed energy and enthusiasm to create positive change, implement the learnings from the workshop, and help shape the positive culture within their Community Broadcasting Boards.


Student Feedback

“This was incredible, can’t thank the CMTO enough for this workshop, Keep up collaboration post-workshop” TAKE IT ON Participant


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From Left to Right:
Anne Conway (Phoenix FM), Adam Evans (NIRS), Wayne Hindson (Rhema FM Newcastle), Arthur Jackson (3KND), Benjamin Erin, Raymond Cheng (4CCR – Cairns FM), Dave Houchin (3RRR), Jane Hodgkinson (4WHO Wildhose FM), Kathleen Parsons (1WAY FM), Charlotte Bedford (5WOW Adelaide), Jack Missen (SYN Media), Patrick Moriarty (Our Community), Evrim Sen (SYN Media), Denise Kuchmar (3PVR), Hannah Murray (2RES Eastside Radio), Meg Butler (3PBS), Molly George (SYN Media)

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