Disaster: simple steps you can take to Avoid the Hot-Seat.

Nobody wants to be in a disaster situation, so being prepared - mentally as well as physically - is a great start to minimising impact when something does go wrong.  And many disasters can be avoided through very simple forward-looking.   This is a session for technologists, managers and creatives in the Community Broadcasting sector.  If it's a while since you've thought about disaster recovery, then it's time for a refresher, and if you don't have disaster plans then it's time to start. 

If you missed the disaster session at CBAA22 or Converge22, this is definitely one to catch.  If you attended either of those sessions, it will be a good refresher and there's some new stuff to take away.

Join John with a cup of coffee as he gets you thinking about how to be prepared, and how to avoid challenges turning into disasters.  We will look at how to assess risks, and investigate disaster avoidance.  Finally, John will give you some real-life tips to help you refocus your Community Broadcaster approach to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

Date and Time:

Tuesday 28th February, 6:00pm AEDT

John Maizels headshot


John Maizels loves to share lessons learned through a long career: he's been a technologist, a commercial radio announcer, is a leader in the Community Radio sector in Australia, and currently works across many facets of broadcast TV.   John has a major focus on education and training, especially how technologists and managers deal with risks and business continuity.  John is President of Technorama, a Fellow of the SMPTE, and a recipient of the CBAA Michael Law Award.  When not teaching or being a Broadcast Engineer in TV and Radio, John is seriously passionate about good coffee, pipe organs, and telephones.

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