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The Theme for the Next Technorama Tuesday is: Documentation to save your station's life

When things go wrong, do your listeners notice? 

You need to have a Plan B so that your station continues to function when something goes wrong - be it a natural disaster, a power outage, a cyber attack, or anything else!

This webinar will go through Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery practices. You’ll learn how to bring together people, technology and process to help your station recover its operations in a disaster.

Find out how to get started and create this essential plan, and how to document the plan so that it becomes easy to implement.


This webinar will also cover a bit about website functions that could be useful for your station:

Technorama is launching some exciting new website features that could be helpful for your station website too. You’ll be shown tools that you can definitely use - like members-only access to special benefits, and online documentation.


Register now to gain insight into these two important topics!

With Special Guest:

Jason Xiros -  professional Technical Writer, career project manager, and member of Technorama

Date and Time:

Tuesday 16th April 2024, 6:30pm (AEST)

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