Technorama Tuesdays are back for 2022, starting off with ‘Stump the Chumps’!

In this webinar, Technorama’s panellists will be tackling all of your questions - from the silly to the intriguing - and giving their answers live.

The team of experts is back – chumps who between them might know everything or nothing. You set the level of difficulty. They’re so confident that the chumps are up for the challenge that they're not going to put a restriction on the questions. 

Can you ask a question that the chumps can’t answer?

Join Alastair Reynolds, Stephen Wilkinson, Cameron Paine and moderator John Maizels on Tuesday 12 July at 1830 AEST.

Register for this free webinar here

And if you have your question all ready to go, send it through early at: [email protected]

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