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The Theme for the Next Technorama Tuesday is: Power Up Your Station: Master the Art of Equipment and Broadcast Monitoring

Ever had a cleaner unplug your server to vacuum the floor, and you only found out because everything suddenly stopped working? What if you had clever software that alerted you to problems before they affected your broadcasts?

Join us for the next Technorama Tuesday, where 96Five Family Radio’s Mick Kerr will share insights on how to equip your station simply and affordably with advanced monitoring tools. 

Imagine having a system that not only alerts you to issues as they happen but also shows you exactly where to look. Get a real-time dashboard of your station's health and safeguard against those pesky, common issues—all without breaking the bank.

This session isn't just for the tech wizards; station managers and anyone interested in maintaining a seamless operation will find valuable takeaways.

Date and Time:

Tuesday 21st May, 6:30pm AEST

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