Two months into our newest online learning and mentoring program and participants from 14 community radio stations are putting together their final fundraising pitches.

The fortnightly industry webinars have included an amazing range of guest speakers so far. Amy Williams from Not-For-Profit Law at Justice Connect gave an introduction to DGR and tax regulation; Claire Stuchbery from First Nations Media Australia shared her experience of project grants; and Ren Cuttriss-Gary from 3MDR and Levi Heeringa from Triple RRR discussed approaches to sponsorship and client management at their stations.

“Excellent content, well delivered and not overloaded, useful examples given top notch presenters, well designed for both newbies and more experienced participants”. 

“Lived experience & real examples of industry inside ideas / hacks & tips. A very good combo. Informative, quick & effective!”

“A comprehensive look at different ways to fundraise for your station through grant writing. Including where to find the money and building partnerships with those who give it”.

THINK BIG Webinar Feedback

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