More people are listening to the radio online now than ever before. This means we need to be thinking of radio in visual terms.

Media convergence is the blending of radio, television and print as a result of the accessibility of the internet. In terms of the timeline of media, this is a relatively new change. We are now having to think about what one media platform (e.g. radio) will look like in an online setting- this is more than just about putting a link up to your latest radio episode. Rather, it’s about engaging with your audience in different ways at the same time. The key to this is thinking in visual terms. Read this article we wrote about visualising radio.

Untitled design 2Accessibility to the internet has allowed for a blending of video, audio and text media | CMTO

Radio stations are having to think of new ways to engage with their audience who have gone from listening to the radio in their car or at home to accessing it in an online setting. One way they visualise radio is by filming local interviews they do in the studio live to air. This allows them to upload the videos to youtube to encourage more and different people to discover Sydney music online. 

When you are thinking about this for your own project, you don’t have to be sophisticated about it as long as the content is interesting. Chances are if people are interested in tuning in to hear you conduct an interview, they are going to want to see visuals of your guest. 

Think about ways you can shift what would normally be a 2D radio experience to make it 3D by tailoring it to an online setting. Look at the examples below and think of your own:

An interview live to air with a touring musician
You may set up your smartphone to film the interview as it is happening on air. To keep the listener engaged you may want to keep the camera rolling after you go off air, giving your audience an opportunity to feel like they are in the studio with you. Inform them to ‘check out the video’ during and after your show.

A regular segment on your show 
If you have a regular segment on your show about issues relating to your community, upload material that relates to it to your program page. This could be in the form of videos, images and writing. Refer to it on air and tell people that they can see/read/hear more about it if they go there.

Telling the listener about an event that happened over the weekend 
You might direct your audience to watch a video or an interview with an artist you filmed on your smartphone at the show. Another great platform to upload your additional content in addition to your stations website is social media. Find out about Mastering your social media skills.

Watch this video on visualising radio and filming behind the scenes with FBi Radio. 

See what The BBC has to say about Visualising Radio
In this example, ABC Radio National turned the radio story of Mitzi into a video

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