Leadership Learning Online with the CMTO & The NonProfit Alliance

4-5.30pm AEST Wednesday 1 September 2021

Our stations and communities are undergoing rapid and constant change right now, leaving many of us struggling to see a clear way forward. 

As leaders and volunteers, navigating constant change can be exhausting – but it also brings about new opportunities. 

Continuing with our focus on neuroscience and positive emotion, this online free session explores how to choose the right pathway when faced with change. 

Times of uncertainty can impact our cognitive ability to reason and respond, but new strategies and routines can help. 

This interactive session explores the practical communication approaches that help to create a ‘reward’ response, rather than a ‘threat’ response for ourselves and for others around us. 

If you are a station manager, board member, trainer or leader in your community, we encourage you to take time to focus on your own personal and professional development and register for this month’s free interactive online leadership workshop.


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