Earlier this week we welcomed Nat Thomas from Accessible Arts to deliver a workshop to CMTO trainers. She covered practical tips for making training spaces accessible, including an understanding of the appropriate language to use, etiquette to consider, things to be mindful of, together with an overview of the social model and identity for accessibility.

Here’s what CMTO trainer Kate Elliot, who attended the workshop, had to say about why this is a valuable training resource:

“This webinar is for everyone. I can say that because whether you know it or not, you will be training students of varying abilities. Many disabilities can be invisible or even undiagnosed. What I appreciated about this presentation is that it provided practical skills in  acknowledging and supporting students with disabilities. It was a fast-tracked education on some of the outdated and potentially harmful phrases that most of us have unwittingly used and put forward examples of more appropriate language to use. I feel more confident that I can have the necessary conversations to ensure a respectful and inclusive learning environment.”

If you would like to watch a recording of the workshop you can do so below:


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