At the end of each CMTO run training course, host stations, participants and trainers are given the opportunity to provide us with feedback on all aspects of the training. It’s a great way for CMTO to address any areas for improvement and also get an idea of what’s working best.

If you’ve recently completed training at your station and didn’t fill in a Client Satisfaction Survey, or would like to discuss any aspect of the process, we can either provide you with a form or discuss your experiences with you in person. Simply call or email to arrange a time to talk.

We’ve been delighted with recent feedback from many students and thought it would be nice to share some of their comments below.

“I really like [the trainer’s] dedication towards us. He was really focused on important tasks especially [ones] we are going to use practically. Overall, love going to class every Friday.”

“I found being given real, hands-on duties when recording my project invaluable. Thanks… for your encouragement, advice and suggestions!!!”

“Really got a lot out of course – would love a few follow-ups. Really feel listening to myself with my colleagues is valuable and having a pro giving constructive criticism is very helpful.”

“[The trainer] has taught us very patiently and showed [us things] in a practical, simplified way. …We are now effective community radio operators.”

“It was all very well organised.”

“I found the course interesting and informative… assisted me in dealing with station issues and protocol and policy development. Of particular interest was the section which dealt with the roles of directors.”

“[The trainer] is a true professional. He was delightful to learn from.”

“The most helpful part was the appraisal of my actual performance. More of this would be appreciated.”

“Good presentation. Good trainer.”

“Excellent trainer and course.”

“The course was challenging and inclusive.”

“Good trainer knowledge/skills and interesting. I learned a lot.”

“Excellent trainer.”

“Very well presented and delivered in a language/manner so it was easily understood.”

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