“Great program that enables communication among African Women to improve engagement and participation.”

CMTO has just completed delivery of a recent project that we have been working on with 5EBI Radio and the African Women’s Federation of South Australia in Adelaide.

The African Women’s Multimedia Project took place over 9 weeks and involved learning skills in:

  • Script Writing
  • Interviewing & Presentation
  • Audio Editing & Production
  • Podcasting
  • Social Media

The participants were able to create their own radio programs, which gave them the platform to tell their stories. The training enabled them to gain the skills to not only create content for a program but to record and distribute it as well. 

For the final session, the women took part in a listening party, to hear the work they had all recorded over the previous weeks, and took a tour of the 5EBI studios. 

Trainers expressed that the students showed dedication to the program, and the women in turn had some positive things to say about the outcomes they experienced:

“Fantastic project- need more of this for other African women in SA.”

“Thank you to all of our trainers and the org that have come up with this training- god bless you all.”

Here are some photos from the final day of the training!


Thank you to the African Women’s Federation of South Australia and the 5EBi team, particularly Vinaya Rai, for partnering with us on this fantastic program.

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