Do you remember filling out our Training Needs Survey earlier this year? We’ve analysed the results, and we’re excited to not only share them but to use them when we’re setting our strategic priorities. We’ve compiled some of the results below regarding Face to Face Training, Online Courses, and Emerging Training Opportunities.


Face to Face Training

94% of respondents were interested in one-day Pathways courses at their station.

81% of respondents were interested in Accredited Training at their station.

Overall, respondents were most interested in courses on Presenting, Interviewing, Audio Editing and Mixing, Media Law and Social Media.

Online Courses

Only 58% of respondents have attended a community radio sector webinar, while 77% of Station staff have done so. However, 96% of all respondents and 100% of broadcasters said they would promote online learning opportunities within their station.

The most common webinar topic requested by respondents was presentation. Other popular suggestions were podcasting, audio editing and social media.

Emerging Training Opportunities

70% of respondents were interested in opportunities for mentoring in business development skills.

75% of respondents were interested in opportunities for mentoring in broadcast tech skills.

A number of respondents highlighted a need at their station for training in a language other than English. Other notable suggestions included training targeted towards youth broadcasters, and self paced online learning.




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