Graphics don’t have to be pie charts and column graphs. They do however, need to visually communicate an idea or piece of data. 

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Graphics Interchange Format are better known as ‘GIFs’ are a highly effective way to put forward information in an online setting. They are basically a snapshot of a moving animation, video or slideshow of images. The Slideshow above is an example of a GIF made using still images.  Popular websites to create your own gifs include and

Infographics are a way to visualise data. They represent information or ideas using pictures to make the content easily digestible at first sight. People would usually use infographics if they are trying to quickly explain a large piece of data. Take a look at the infographic below.

Marine megafauna Infographic 1Infographic on the different types of ocean life to scale | Wikipedia Commons

The creator of the infographic is explaining the largest sizes of ocean giants. They do this with a simple, easy to read, to-scale representation. They use a combination of pictures, words and numbers to get the message across. 

Motion graphic
A motion graphic is a digital piece of animation that often incorporates movement and sound. Motion graphics help multimedia content creators communicate an idea using a variety of sensory experiences. They can sometimes be presented as GIFs since they are moving. 

Interactive infographic
Interactive infographics 
combine data visualisation, images, language, number, audience interactivity and linerity. Components of the infographic then become clickable for the user. 

Other types of graphics include flow charts, brainstorms, web diagrams, charts and images and videos with captions. No matter what type of graphic you decide fits best with your content, it needs to clearly show your audience a concept or idea instead of tell. Infographics are probably the most commonly used type of graphic. Read about how to make your own infographic

We wrote a list of a whole bunch of websites you can use to make graphics for your own project.
Want the basics? Read this “How To” on infographics.
Take a look at the way The BBC use different types of graphics in their stories. 

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