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Radio Vibration is an associative radio about electronic music, broadcasting in Brussels (Belgium).

During the day it’s about house tracks and between 8PM and midnight, you can hear weekly shows covering a variety of  musical genres, from Hip Hop to Drum’n’Bass to Techno.

Revered D first started Tales From The Crate on Vibration and is now broadcasting on four radio stations in France & Belgium.

Vibration107.2 Brussels|Tales from the Crate|images/stories/Audiolab/audio/Tales from the Crate.mp3

We chatted with Reverend D via email about how he prepares for a show…

AudioLab: How much preparation do you do for a show?

RD: For an easy one, about ten hours. For a hard one, with interview to prepare, record, translate and produce (with DJ Format for example), something like 50 hours (yes, I’m serious) …

AudioLab: What kind of production work do you do on the show? 

RD: If you listened a few shows, you heared that a few voices are coming as jingles. That’s my first point : I’m working with movie samples, voice recorded, this kind of things. As soon as I heared a few words in a movie that I think I should use someday, I record it and save it.

I have a lot of fun to watch all kinds of movies : from 50’s to now and from the great good classic cinema to italian B movies. It’s almost the same for me : it has to be fun or interesting. The truth is that the best samples are often coming from the worth movies. I’m great fan of Rod Sterling’s “Twilight Zone” too, I have to confess it’s an important part of my samples collection !

AudioLab: How do you approach working with other producers and DJs?

RD: The first step is to understand what is his or her show, the subject, the way it’s presented … if I don’t feel it, I can’t do nothing. As I say I work a lot with B movie spirit, with fun, and it will be really hard to me to work with someoone who don’t want to make it funny (I mean it’s not about making joke, it’s about to be cool).

Last point : I don’t give a shit about big saturated voices from FM bullshit radio stations, compressor and stuffs like that. I don’t want to make noise, I want to create pretty cool sound stories.

Audio produced by Reverend D, presented by Vibration 107.2, Brussels, 2012

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