Now more than ever, community radio broadcasters have an opportunity to make their mark and it’s all about reaching out to local audiences. For broadcasters in regional areas the opportunity is even greater, as commercial radio in regional areas broadcast little or no local content.

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So where do you start? If you are looking for ways to make maximum impact, it may be useful to take a look at where people are congregating online. For example, there may be some action being taken by residents in relation to a development project or mining. 

The first place to look is social media sites like Facebook or Instagram in your local area. Ask yourself: is there some content the station is making which relates to the issue? A short interview with a Member of Parliament or an activist can be shared through social media and by making a connection with the group it is sure to be shared further. 

When you are trying to reach audiences online, it’s worth keeping in mind that your content should be short. It is unlikely that people are going to listen to more than a few minutes on social media. Be sure to include the link to longer versions on your website for people who want to hear more.

Also remember that audio is nowhere near as popular as video online – so you may want to consider a short video clip with your guest for social media. This could be as simple as shooting the video on your phone and using the most important clip. You will be surprised how these short videos will impact on your station’s brand in the new media environment. If you don’t want to go with video, consider using some still photos to go with your audio.


Learn how to reach a local audience through Social Media 

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