Webinar: Basics of Community Journalism
11:00am (AEDT) 19 January 2021
Community Journalism empowers broadcasters to share the stories that matter most to their community. It provides an antidote to the dominance of current media moguls that threaten both the independence of journalism and the voices in our local communities.

This webinar will:

  1. Explore what community Journalism means and why it’s important.
  2. Share advice for community broadcasters who are starting out as community journalists.
  3. Hear a small section of audio as an example of community journalism.
  4. Learn how and why the course was created.
  5. Discover what participating students will learn in the course.
Presented by:
Dr Heather Andreson
Dr Heather Anderson
Dr. Heather Anderson is a journalism and media studies scholar who investigates the ways media can be used to promote social justice, in particular through community radio and citizens’ media projects. Dr. Anderson is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science at Griffith University in Brisbane. She was a co-designer of the Introduction to Journalism in Community Media course.
Dr Bridget Backhaus
Dr Bridget Backhaus
Bridget Backhaus is a lecturer in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science at Griffith University. Her research explores the intersections of voice, listening, and social change in community radio. She is a former community radio volunteer and producer, working in various roles at The Wire, Fair Comment, 4ZZZ, 4EB and Logan 101FM.


This webinar introduces the Introduction to Journalism in Community Media online course – offered by the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO). The course was designed to develop the skills of community journalists and is suitable for broadcasters who have no prior experience/formal qualifications. Through empowering people in communities with skills to professionally broadcast on local issues, this course will improve diversity in the media sector. This course was designed in partnership with Dr Heather Anderson and Dr Bridget Backhaus with support from Griffith University and made available with the generous funding from the Collier Charitable Trust, facilitated by the Community Broadcasting Foundation.


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