6:30 PM Wednesday 18 September, 2019
Community broadcasting encourages community access and participation in all aspects of station operations, from programming to management. Although the sector considers itself a progressive and alternative sector in comparison to commercial and public broadcasting, in fact the statistics on women and gender non-conforming people in management in the community broadcasting sector are only slightly better than the dismal figures for the mainstream media. 

Similarly, numbers of women and gender non-conforming people working in new media and IT in the sector are also inadequate. There is plenty of work to be done, and the position of CBAA Women’s Representative is a crucial aspect of the sector in terms of fostering an environment in which women and gender non-conforming people are active participants in community radio.

In 2019, the Women’s Representative position is available. The CBAA Women’s Representative attends CBAA Board meetings, participates in formal professional development opportunities and are in a position to effect positive change in the community broadcasting sector. Any woman authorised by a CBAA member station is eligible to nominate. It is important that candidates have experience at community radio stations. Knowledge of the sector as a whole is not essential, but it can be helpful in carrying out the role.

Our webinar will provide information for individuals who may be interested in nominating for the position of Women’s Representative as well as providing an opportunity for women and gender non-conforming people in the sector to get together to discuss the challenges they face and how their work can collectively help create a more positive future for community radio.

Presented by: Emma Hart

CBAA Women’s Representative (3CR Community Radio/PBS 106.7FM)

Emma Hart is a community radio broadcaster based in Melbourne. She began making radio in 2014 as a breakfast current affairs producer and presenter on 3CR Community Radio. In 2015 she joined Women on the Line, a national feminist current affairs program broadcast out of 3CR, and since 2017 has also been a Director on the 3CR Committee of Management. Emma worked at PBS106.7FM as Interviews Coordinator from 2017-2019 and continues to be a presenter on Peebs when the opportunity arises. She is currently studying a Diploma of Screen and Media at RMIT


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