Watch this webinar here– this webinar was broadcast on – 31 July 2019

Community broadcasters as creators of content have embraced social media as a way of amplifying and enhancing engagement with our audience.

Social media is invaluable in terms of promoting content, increasing community participation, recruiting volunteers or staff and shining a light on all on the news, music, arts, politics, culture and more that makes up the fabric of our community. But as with all forms of communication, there is an art to how best to take advantage of this tool. 

In this session, we will look at:

How to communicate with your audience on social media

What language should we use? How do we develop our online personality?

Telling your story online

What methods can we use to convey to our audience (and potential audience) about who we are, what we do and our value to the community?

What content should we be posting?

Should we only post content that is directly reflective of our station and what we offer? Or should we go further afield? How do we ensure that we don’t cross the line from relevant content to spamming our audience?


How much is too much to be posting? How do we cut through the clutter without becoming an annoyance?

Expanding our reach

How can we utilise social media to spread our message beyond those directly engaged with the station? 

Presented by: ArowAgency 

ArowAgency is an Australian based services company, specialising in artist management, digital marketing, social media management and music publicity. 

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