11:00am Tuesday 15 June 2021

Volunteers power the community broadcasting sector, with over 22,000 individuals across the country keeping community radio vital and vibrant.  But this is not a finite resource and to ensure that the sector stays strong and reflective of our communities, we need to keep motivated people coming through the door and active in roles that are both suitable and engaging.

Our webinar aims to assist board and management of stations in both attracting new volunteers and refining the roles and responsibilities of existing volunteers. In this session, we will look at:

  • Getting people through the door
  • Eliminating barriers to entry
  • Identifying the strengths of your volunteers
  • The role of the board or committee of management as volunteers

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Presented by: Ren Cuttriss – Engagement Co-ordinator, 3MDR

Ren has been involved in the world of community broadcasting at 3MDR in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges since 2014. Prior to joining 3MDR Ren worked for many years in the areas of community services and education. In addition to looking after sponsorship, training, community engagement, digital marketing and of course, volunteer management at the station, Ren also co-hosts the award winning live and local music program The Dotted Line.

Special Guest: Bharathi Rajendran – winner of the inaugural Community Radio Volunteer of the Year – People’s Choice Award, 4EB

Bharathi has transformed outdoor programming at 4EB since he began as a volunteer, bringing new broadcasters to the station as well as mentoring and training them.

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