Governance- COVID-19 Impact on Boards & Directors

11:00am (AEST) Thursday 16 April 2020


The latest in our special series of webinars looks at the impact of Covid-19 for community radio boards and directors. 

We’ll be giving an overview of what this means regarding the differing legislation for States & Territories and considerations for moving AGMs and meetings online.

Key areas to be covered include:

  • What have regulators done to support us with governance? We’ll look at each of the regulators in each State/Territory and discuss what they’ve done to help ensure you can still comply with governance obligations.
  • How can we still meet and make decisions or hold our AGM? We’ll look at whether it’s ‘legal’ to make decisions online, how you can make it more accessible and inclusive and how AGMs can be held electronically.
  • Q&A for governance related questions

Presented by: Patrick Moriarty, Executive Director – Institute of Community Directors AustraliaMoriarty Patrick Jul2019sml

The Institute of Community Directors Australia was established to help community organisations of all shapes and sizes gain practical knowledge, support and advice on matters that impact on their everyday operations, including board operations, funding, risk management, strategic planning and marketing. As Executive Director, Patrick has led the development of the organisation’s training arm, delivering training throughout the country to more than 50,000 organisations. Patrick’s reputation as a practical and passionate adviser is unparalleled. 

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