2:00PM (AEDT), Wednesday 26 February 2020

Radio Website Services (RWS) offers community broadcasters an affordable, attractive, mobile-friendly website.

With more listeners looking to connect with their station on a digital front, now is the best time to establish your station in the online sphere. RWS makes it easy and affordable for CBAA member stations of all shapes and sizes to create and manage their very own station websites. 

RWS has been revamped for 2020, with all new features and functionality, purpose-built for radio stations to engage with their listeners. The new WordPress product places your audio streaming and content at its centre, along with social media integration and increasing community involvement and engagement.

Join our webinar to find out how you can:

  • Revolutionise your online identity
  • Let your listeners access your radio programs online and on-demand
  • Activate your fundraising platform
  • Promote your sponsors across your site and local community events
  • Sell station merchandise and take online payments
  • Build your listener database to more deeply engage your loyal listeners

Presented by:

  • Andrew Morris – Manager of Online Products and Services, CBAA
  • Anthony Eden – Software Developer, Media Realm 
  • Stuart Edwards  – UX & Interaction Design Specialist, Brand Meet Design


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