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6:30 PM Wednesday 20 November, 2019

Following on from the 2019 CBAA Conference Youth Forum, the CBAA is inviting the future representatives of the sector to get together as part of the Young People in Community Media Webinar for 2019.
Community radio aims to promote diversity, democracy, access and equality and one of the ways in which we achieve this goal is by providing a voice to the youth. Whether it is a station that is specifically licensed to serve a youth audience, or as part of youth programming on stations serving a wider community, young people have a voice on community radio.

Community broadcasting provides a space for young people to engage with their communities and express what is most important to them. The sector realises that not only do young people represent our future, they are a vital part of our overall community and deserve strong and meaningful representation on the airwaves. In return, the sector is able to harness some of the most exciting, dynamic programming available to them via the voices of young people – essential for stations who want a political voice with a vested interest future, cutting edge music programming, harnessing of new technologies and so much more.

Our session will look at the following:

  • the great work being undertaken by youth broadcasters
  • training opportunities that the sector provides
  • how to keep radio relevant in a changing media environment
  • what can be done to ensure that young people stay involved with the sector. 

Presented by: Molly George – CBAA Youth RepresentativeMolly George

Molly George is the Media Learning Manager at SYN Media in Melbourne, and current Youth Representative on the CBAA Board.


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