11:00am Tuesday 18 May 2021
Consider the importance your station places on computers and IT and think – what would happen if we lost access to this important resource due to a lapse in cyber security?

A cyber security incident can happen to individuals and organisations of all shapes and sizes. Cyber security management doesn’t have to be difficult – but it does require thought and planning.

While no single strategy is guaranteed to prevent cybersecurity incidents, there are a number of things your station can do to plan and prepare. Being proactive can help you in the long-term – by saving you time, money and effort.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Understanding cybersecurity and the potential issues that could affect your station
  • Strategies to provide readiness and reduce the chances of an incident
  • How to communicate with your station team to encourage shared responsibility

This introductory webinar is designed for station managers and leaders. It will help you get a grasp of the issue, and consider how to plan for the future.

We’ll answer your questions live and provide further education and assistance in this critical operational area. If you don’t have a formal strategy in place today, our webinar will help get you started.




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