Graphics are an excellent way for you to engage with your audience in a different way. 

You don’t have have to spend money to create interesting graphics either. Take a look at the websites we’ve picked out for you below. They might help you make some graphics you want to include in your content. 

1. Canva
Canva is a free online tool that provides you with various templates for making all different types of graphics. Use the searchbar on the left hand side of the website to look for the images you want to use and simply drag them onto your blank canvas. Take a look at some of the designs we’ve made using Canva:

HiUntitled design 6Untitled design 4

2. Piktochart 
Piktochart is another free online site that gives you a little more variety of images than Canva – the only downside is that unless you pay for some images, their watermark is on your designs. Take a look at this flow chart we made below:

new piktochart

3. Goanimate

Makes cute animations that you might want to include alongside your content. The website dabbles in a really wide variety of graphic styles including animated video, infographics, whiteboard animation and other motion graphics. Unfortunately this is one of those programs you have to pay for however if you’re only needing it for one project you can download the free trial which will give you free access for 14 days. 

 4. Befunky


BeFunky Design


Befunky (above) is an excellent three in one tool that allows you to edit photos, make collages and design your own graphics to suit your content. Even though you need to pay to access a lot of the features on the site, one of their perks is they offer free social media image templates which are a good idea when thinking about album covers on Facebook, profile and cover pictures on Twitter and blog images. 

5. Pixlr
Pixlr is a free image editing and collage creation website that has a similar iuser experience to Adobe Photoshop. The only difference is that you can use it on your computer. Its good for subtle changes to images and adding text over pictures.


Still not enough? Check out Easelly

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