For those who don’t know, the Community Broadcasting Sector is made up of around 450 radio stations and 3 television stations (with another three aspirant tv stations). Over 23,000 people work, either as volunteers or as paid staff at these stations.

Considering itself, as a progressive and alternative sector in comparison to commercial and public broadcasting, the statistics on women in management in the community broadcasting sector are only slightly better than the dismal figures for the mainstream media. Similarly women working in new media and IT are also dismally small in numbers.

The Community Media Training Organisation – with support from the Community Broadcasting Foundation – established this important women’s project to assist women in taking up influential and non-traditional positions in the Community Broadcasting Sector.

The Women in Community Media Project aims to assist women through mentoring and training to set some goals and attain them. The goals could include organizing a women’s project at their station, preparing themselves to stand for a board or it could be a desire to become a new media champion at their station.

Participants who are enrolled will have access to a range of materials to help them not only learn but become resourceful about their own learning and development.

Following this first pilot program, the CMTO hopes to open its women’s online spaces to all women in the sector.

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