What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?


Volunteers and staff in community radio and television stations do most of their learning on the job. We learn from trying things out ourselves, asking others around us, attending workshops and searching online for solutions and how-to guides. The skills and knowledge which are accumulated on the jobcan be assessed through a process known as RPL (recognised prior learning).

As a registered training organisation, the CMTO offers RPL services to students. For example, if a station applies to host a Certificate III in Media course at their station and all of the participants are presenting and panel operating regular programs, the students may decide to apply for RPL for the units which relate to these skills. The RPL process involves a self-assessment which asks does the evidence of your skills and knowledge already exists (eg recordings of recent radio programs, running sheets etc), a meeting or conversation with an assessor and the submission of a final portfolio of evidence.

If successful, the student is awarded the units through RPL and does not need to attend these classes or complete assessments for these units.

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