Happy New Year from the CMTO! We’ve got a bunch of exciting events coming up in the next couple of months – get involved! 

January 17: School Holiday Podcasting Workshops in Sydney and Brisbane

Have you ever dreamed of hosting your own podcast?

Want to do exactly that these school holidays?

Whether it’s a podcast is on football or improvised comedy, a presenter has to be confident, persuasive and passionate.

Join radio experts Kween Kibone (SYD) Kim Stewart (4ZZZ BRIS) for a one-day workshop all about confidence building and how you can turn that confidence into an amazing podccast!

The CMTO encourages high school students in years 7-10 to attend this course. Having said this, we will happily welcome any attendees regardless of age or skillset.

Tickets: $135.18 (includes lunch)

SYDNEY event link.
BRISBANE event link. 


January 24: Webinar: how to write a successful CBF grant application

Claire Stuchbery from the CBF joins the CMTO to answer your questions about Round 1 grant applications for 2018/19.

This webinar will focus primarily on how ethnic broadcasters and their station supporters can access funding through CBF grants. We’ll talk about understanding what broadcasters need to prepare and present weekly programs and how to put together a grant application to support those shows and other activities you might have planned for the year.


February 22: Webinar: CBF grants – how to write a successful application

CBF grants are now open for application for the 2018/19 financial year. Claire Stuchbery from the CBF will be talking with the CMTO team about how to prepare a funding application, key things to include and common errors. We’ll be answering your questions about the grant guidelines, upcoming project ideas, preparing budgets, the application form and the assessment process.


Is your new year resolution to get busy? Get involved in CMTO training today! 

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