Nothing says ‘Australia’ like the kangaroo. From the 1960’s TV sensation Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, the green & gold Made in Australia logo and the Qantas flying kangaroo to indigenous dreamtime mythology.

Kate Elliott

3CR, Melbourne

Mentor: Martin Walters (CBAA/CRN)

What's Up Skip?The kangaroo is an icon that crosses generations and cultures.

You possibly even have a few kangaroo embossed dollar coins jangling around in your pocket to pay for your morning coffee.

The kangaroo is everywhere.

And yet, when was the last time you actually saw a real-life bounder; a mob of Australian kangaroos.

What’s up Skip? is a radio feature that asks what is it like to be an Australian kangaroo – both loved and labelled a pest in your own homeland.

The program examines our relationship with the kangaroo and questions how our attitudes towards this native animal have shaped government policy, industry practices and media representation.

Have we all, too readily, sung along with the commercial industry’s catchy tune of kangaroo meat being ‘humane, necessary and sustainable’?




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