There’s no better feeling than putting out your content to the world whether it’s a link to your radio show, an article you’ve published or a video you’ve made.

It’s important to keep your post alive by allowing it to continuously interact with your audience. That’s why we compiled this checklist for you to look at once your content is out there. 

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1. Have a social media promotion plan
Once you hit publish you’ve got to know how often to post on social media otherwise you could be in danger of annoying your followers to the point where they stop following you. On the day you publish your content it’s good to post on all forms of social media – even Youtube if your content fits there.

The Best Times to Post to Social Networks - Cheat Sheet
The Best Times to Post to Social Networks – Cheat Sheet was created by First Site Guide Team.

Some forms of social media are more fleeting than others and will lend themselves to more posts about the one topic. To the right is an easy to follow chart which you can use for your own content. 

2. Use hashtags (on Twitter)
When sharing timely content on social media, hashtags have the power to link your content with similar content all around the world. There are a few ways you can successfully use hashtags like creating your own if you’re trying to create something that no one has done before or to link your material to a company e.g #CMTO or #radioskidrow. If however you are making content about a topic that is popular to talk about like #thedress that drove the world nuts (don’t know what we’re talking about?)

3. Repurpose your old content 
Who says that once your content is published it can’t be reused? Repurposing your old content can grow your audience, give you a platform to re-tell a great story and give credit to really good pieces of content.

Some ways you might want to repurpose your content could be:
– Repackaging audio interviews into a written piece or a video with graphics and visuals.
– Turn your content into an infographic.
– Pull out the key information from your content and boil it down into a sentence. Post this on social media and link to your old content. 

4. Keep active and interact with your audience if they are interacting with you
Keep checking the comments section of your content, your emails and what people are saying to you about your content and continue engaging with the topic. This will keep your piece of work fresh and in the minds of your audience.

5. Don’t be afraid of shameless self promotion!
You should be proud of the content you produce! Email your friends, family and relevant contacts letting them know what you have created. Ask them to share your work on their social media and to interact with it via the comments section. 

6. Post to aggregator websites and forums 
Aggregator websites are usually where people go to find out the newest information on the internet. Some examples are Stumbleupon, Reddit and 4chan (but that’s not all!). The good thing about these sites is that you can post anonymously and link people to your work!  

The do’s and dont’s of hashtags
Want more? Here’s more things to do after you hit publish. 

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