Grime up north is one radio presenter’s quest to uncover the best Grime talent in the north of the UK. We zero in on why it’s such a cleverly made documentary.


It creates video for radioCaptureSimply put, Grime Up North is a video documentary that you can watch with your eyes closed, making it perfect as a radio podcast too. It’s hard to tell what was on Charlie Sloth’s mind first when making this – whether he wanted to make a podcast and thought he’d film it too or whether it was the other way around. Either way, if you are planning on interviewing someone particularly well known, consider filming it on video rather than simply capturing the audio. This allows you to tap into twice the media platforms you would normally. Clever, huh?

He has a team
It’s easy to get intimidated by the idea of working with a film crew. The benefits of having at least one other person with you is that they can follow you around with a camera. Ask around your radio station or recruit a buddy to be a camera operator. 

He works the camera/mic 
What goes for radio goes the same for video: if you are confident your audience will trust you. 

It taps into Charlie’s own interests
Charlie Sloth’s thing is Grime, which makes the documentary come across so honest and natural. So what is yours? If you’re thinking about doing a project like this, think about the topics you find appealing, interesting and amazing. If you are stumped you might want to try thinking about the area in which you live. What has it got that you can’t find anywhere else? 

There’s a long version and a short version
If you don’t have an hour spare to watch/listen to Grime Up North, you can get the short and long of it from Fire In the Booth – where rappers are filmed giving it their all as they freestyle in the booth. Check it out in an article we wrote.   

What’s the purpose?
Charlie Sloth has one mission: to find Grime Up North. His purpose for making the documentary is simple and yours should be too. A good way to think about it is having a question you want to answer. 

Can you repurpose?
Content has its time in the sun… then it most likely goes into an archive of old programs, segments and ideas that don’t see the light of day again. Repurposing old content is really worthwhile if you get how it works. The BBC Academy coined the acronym SCAMPER to help you figure out how to repurpose old content:

S = Substitute
C = Combine
A = Adapt
M = Modify
P = Put to other use
E = Eliminate
R = Rearrange

Read more about unlocking the potential value of old content
Think beyond the publish date. What do do after you hit publish.

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