faten-el-dana Name: Mrs Faten El Dana OAM

Current role/positions: Head of Programming at 2MFM Radio

How long have you worked in the sector? where did you start out?

I have been working at 2MFM since its establishment in 1995. That year I had resigned from my job as a midwife at Westmead hospital due to the birth of my second child when I was approached by the President of the Islamic Charity Project Association, the organisation that had initially funded and supported the establishment of the 2MFM, Muslim Community Radio, to prepare a health program with the focus on women’s health issues I was excited at the idea because it entails serving the most vulnerable section of my community, women, and in an area that is directly related to my specialty. I worked as a volunteer for 6 years during which I had 2 other children and thanks to the help of my husband, I was able to continue doing the work which I really love and enjoy.


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