jean rauName:  Jean Rau


Current role/positions:  Presenter, Treasurer and gofer at North West FM;  Board Member at CBAA.


How long have you worked in the sector? where did you start out

I joined the sector in 1989 when the Garden Club I was involved with, was asked to do a Gardening Program – that was the start of a huge learning curve!


How did you get involved at the higher level either in the management at your station or on a sector organisation? Di anyone assist or mentor you?

In 1989 the Committee needed people so if you attended a meeting you ended up on the Committee – I was nominated as secretary but ended up doing the books as the current treasurer took ill, and no-one knew where all the cash in hand came from?  I had seen a number of people handing over their subscriptions so worked out the books in time for an audit – although I didn’t become the treasurer until a few years later!  It was learn on the job – and as I had no idea of what community radio was all about I asked lots of questions – I asked people to dicatate what they wanted in letters etc until I learnt enough to assist others.   I learnt so much from listening and observing!  There are some great examples!


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