POPE or COPE (create once and publish everywhere) is the new catchcry of all content makers. 1. Have a Content Strategy Plan In multiplatform production it is well-worth taking a moment to draw a map of where you want your content to end up. It makes it easier to develop workflows (the order or way in which you do things). 2. Consider Publishing Online Before Going to Air This will really shake up your team and get them thinking about new ways of “doing radio”. What would happen if you put full-length interviews online before your show and then played part of them on air send your audience online to hear them? 3. Planning live tops and tails so they work online So often when a segment from a live program is used online it doesn’t make sense. For example, if it’s a regular segment on air which you are turning into online content, don’t assume that people who find it online know what it’s about.

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