Media Training

The Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) is a registered training organisation which delivers management and media training. We specialise in developing and delivering courses in broadcast and production, as well as training for managers and board members of community radio stations.

Training Resources

The CMTO’s in house training kit has been designed to assist this social learning which is already happening at your station and to make it count towards a nationally-recognised qualification in media.

Undertake a series of self-paced online courses to get you started in skills like media law, workplace health and safety, creating content remotely and creating digital content.

Community radio is unique for a number of reasons, one of which is its incredible diversity. This section of the website is dedicated to providing resources to stations, volunteers and others involved in community radio who are interested in accessible technology specifically for community radio.

The CMTO has an extensive network of trainers, coaches and learning assistants across Australia.  We are dedicated to supporting trainers in stations and organisations within the community media sector.  We share our tips for best practice training and coaching here.

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