Media Training

The Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) is a registered training organisation which delivers management and media training. We specialise in developing and delivering courses in broadcast and production, as well as training for managers and board members of community radio stations.

How to get training started at your station

In house training

CMTO’s online self-paced courses are designed to help you deliver in-house training to all volunteers and staff at your station in an accessible cost-effective way.  

We can even help you track which volunteers have completed the courses so you can incorporate them into your volunteer agreements and induction programs. 

Australian Community Radio Station can access a group discount for courses, just get in touch with our Pathways team at to find out how. 

Station Induction Essentials

This suite of courses cover the fundamental skills for people working at a station and we recommend them for all new volunteers and workers.

We recommend the following course plan for your station induction:

Course 1: Introduction to Workplace Health and Safety for Broadcasters

Online self-paced, approx 4 hours

Course 2: Introduction to Media Law for Broadcasters 

Online self-paced, approx 4 hours

Course 3: Introduction to Making Great Radio 

Online self-paced, approx 3 hours

All students receive a certificate of completion when they successfully complete the learning activities and quizzes in this course. 

Refresher courses

To ensure that your experienced volunteers and workers’ skills remain up to date we suggest using our refresher courses. These case-study based courses are updated annually. 

Our refresher course options include:

Course 1: Refresher - Media Law for Broadcasters

Online self-paced, approx 1 hour

Course 2: Refresher - Workplace Health and Safety

Online self-paced, approx 1 hour

Head to the Self-Paced Courses section of our website below to see available courses and enrol.


Training Resources for Training Coordinators

If you coordinate training at your station or need some tips on how to get in-house training off the ground at your station, we recommend you join the CMTO Trainer Network. 

CMTO Trainers have access to a wide range of free resources for training, monthly free professional development and one-on-one support from the CMTO team. 

Head to the Become a CMTO Trainer section of our website to complete our EOI and join the network. 


Face-to-Face and Blended Training with CMTO

Pathways Training

CMTO’s Pathways training involves short, one-day courses which do not require students to do any assessment. 

They are designed to introduce people to learning and training and are a great way to start if your station has never hosted CMTO training. 

Head to the Pathways section of our website below to learn about subsidies, see available courses, and apply for Pathways training.


Our Qualifications or accredited courses are longer courses which require students to do assessment tasks. 

Many of the subjects/units in these courses involve very practical assessments where students can submit their current on air programs as evidence of their skills and knowledge. 

These courses require commitment from participants of at least 12 weeks to complete. 

Head to the Qualifications section of our website below to learn about subsidies, see available courses, and apply to undertake a qualification at your station.


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