Get inspired with great multiplatform projects

Whenever we are looking for inspiration for a new project, it’s helpful to take a look at some of the great projects that use several platforms to tell a story.

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While many of these projects have budgets that you might only dream of, it is definitely worth examining the techniques because it may inspire you to think differently when you’re developing your own project. More often than not, it’s the approach, the type of stories and delivery that we can learn from.

There are plenty of third party tools and lo-fi technology that we can use to create projects with similar outcomes. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring projects.


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Image | Highrise Blog 

Highrise was so inspiring that when we discovered it we decided to start building this website. It’s a project which started with the concept of getting artists around the world to record stories from their high-rise apartments about their life. Seriously, when it was first launched in 2009 by director, Katerina Cizek, we spent hours exploring the techniques and we have continued to return to it for inspiration. Yes, the 360 degree cameras are fun but really it’s the simple photo essays with audio and text which are examples of beautiful story telling. The use of ambient audio on the site is exquisite. Highrise has continued to grow with additional projects added since it first went live.

Freedom Riders

Okay we have to admit a conflict of interest here as one of our great friends and colleagues, Emma Morris worked on this project. Freedom Riders is about a group of young people from Capetown who go surfboard riding to relieve the tension of daily life. The project went hand in hand with a video story from ABC’s Foreign Correspondent. The project used footage and interviews which didn’t make it to the broadcast version to tell backstories and give the audience the opportunity to explore the characters and organisations involved in the project. We really like it because it gives us ideas of how you can spread content across platforms in clever ways, especially if you are into documentary and feature making.

Blank on Blank

What can we say? If you have access to an animator just go for it. This project collects old radio interviews with famous people and basically gives them a whole new life. Yes, from cassette to YouTube, this project just makes us smile. This is what we mean when we say “visualising radio“. Okay, we know it may not be possible to pull this off without some resources but wouldn’t it be fun doing it? We have included one of our favourites for radio lovers.


Look at this: A Brother and Sister in Love

Now the name alone is going to catch your eye but all is not what it seems. This photo essay is driven by audio and is a great example of how you can bring new life to an audio feature so it pops online.

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