What do I need to go multiplatform?

While most of us are pretty comfortable in the radio studio, going multiplatform means that some things have to change.

multiplatform tools

You need to plan ahead

While it's best practice to plan your radio show, many of us have the experience to "wing it" - planning a show in the hour before you go to air. Once you go multiplatform - trying to reach all your potential audiences, you really need to start thinking about your programs well ahead of the broadcast time.


Planning allows you to think about the potential of using video or photos and posting social media teasers. It even helps you decide how to present an item to reduce the amount of post-production so you can get your content online quickly and easily.

Developing a digital content strategy for your program is helpful to give you some guidelines, objectives and even a weekly routine.

You need a team

Having more hands on deck is so much better if you want to maximise your content and potential audiences.

For example, what are the roles you need for a live program team? A presenter and a producer is always a great start. Having a camera person for special events is useful and a social media producer and coordinator is a must. Sometimes you can share the load between team members. Encouraging people to learn new skills so they can contribute is always helpful.


Rotating the workload so you all get to learn from one another is also a good idea. The message here is that doing it alone and with minimal skills is just not as effective.

You may need new skills

Even if you're a digital native, we all need to sharpen our digital and content production skills. You need to be able to take decent photos, use basic photo editing tools, shoot and edit a short video, write for online and on-air and even make some simple graphics. You can find all of these and much more in the SKILLS section of this website.

You need ideas

We all know that the Internet is full of stories and that it is a struggle to get your content noticed. Whilst knowing how to use social media is important, having a great story to share online is the first step to success.

Even if you are presenting a live music show, you are still telling a story. Even if it's a story about an Australian rock star or Jamaican reggae band, you still need to approach it as a story. Developing your story, coming up with the content ideas is something we cover in the STORY section of this website.

You may need a new workflow

Over the years, you have probably gotten used to putting your radio program together in a certain way. It may useful to revisit this workflow when you decide to branch out to other media and delivery platforms. For example, you may decide to pre-record segments to make them more transferable form platform to platform. We will talk about workflows in the STORY section of this website.


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