Approximately 65% of the world are stimulated by visual material. Using graphics as a multiplatform content creator helps you tell your story in a different and interesting way.

When you think about graphics, an image of pie charts and column graphs might come to your mind. The truth is that graphics can be anything that includes any visual element combined with writing to convey a particular idea or concept. Types of graphics include infographics, motion graphics, interactive infographics, captioned images or videos. But wait – there’s more! Read this article we wrote about the different types of graphics out there and what they are used for.

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Once you get your head around the different types of graphics, you might want to try making some yourself. You don’t need to hire a brainiac graphic designer or splash out on the latest version of Adobe Illustrator to create good engaging graphics. There are hundreds of websites and apps out there and available for you to use. We boiled it down for you and created a list of websites and apps you can use to make graphics to accompany your content. 

Another interesting way you can utilise graphics is by captioning. Captions don’t have to be reserved for foreign films though. Scrolling through your Facebook feed, you might stumble upon images and videos with overlayed text. These are way more engaging for audiences than static videos or images because they force you to focus on the writing. Check out this article on the basics of captioning

Infographics are a combination of symbols, text colour and data visualisation to tell a cohesive story or to convey an idea. They might look pretty daunting but making infographics doesn’t have to be hard. The first step is asking yourself: what am I trying to tell? And then show it. Read this step by step guide on making infographics. 

Look at it this way: By incorporating graphics into your content, your audience is guaranteed to engage far more with it because they have a whole bunch of different ways to look at the same information!


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