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Whether you are putting content on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram knowing how to use social media and make it work for you is essential.

In the timeline of media, social media is the latest media platform that faces content creators. When they first came out, social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook changed the game for content makers because it gave them a megaphone to spread their content.

As a content creator, you need to be present across all forms of social media. This doesn’t mean you need totake reels of selfies and upload memes all the time but it does mean that you need to have social media pages and accounts that act as platforms for your content. Although people dedicate their entire careers to social media marketing and analytics, understanding the essential ideologies and methods they use will help you as a content creator. Take a look at these social media marketing tips.

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Your presence across social media is directly linked to how many people interact with your content. This in fact extends to your presence on the internet in general. There are ways to make yourself and your content more “googlable”. This process is called search engine optimisation. If you know the basics of search engine optimisation and how it works, you will find that you will quickly become more visible on internet search engines. We broke down search engine optimisation for you here

So you’ve published a piece of content to your stations website. Even though it feels pretty good hitting that publish button, your job isn’t done. After your content is published, you’ll find that you can continue to grow your audience if you keep interacting with it. We put together an easy guide showing you what to do after you hit publish

That being said, creating content isn’t a one size fit for all platforms. Each type of social media works best with different styles of content. For example on Twitter you are limited to 140 characters, whereas on Facebook and Tumblr there is no limit. Then we move over to Youtube where words aren’t even relevant! Make sure you take heed of the platform you are publishing to and tailor your content to fit.  

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