Suddenly it's important that you have a good face for radio

Before online and on demand radio streaming started, presenters had to focus on their content being displayed only on one platform. This merging of radio and the internet means that audiences now expect more than just audio.

You've probably heard it a thousand times: "a picture is worth a thousand words". We can apply this to the photos we choose to accompany the content we deliver on radio. So where do you start? Fortunately you do not have be a professional photographer to be able to upload good photos to social media or your radio station website. There are two main topics however, that you should be across when it comes to photos for radio:

1. Photography and the law

You need to use your wits about you and make yourself aware of the laws when it comes to photography. The most important ones you will need to consider are taking photos of people and copyright laws that arise when using photos that someone else has taken.

Privacy is something that we all deserve and is actually a basic human right. It does get a bit complicated however when we think about the right to privacy in the most public thing out there: the digital world. Think about it - the moment you upload an image online everyone in the entire world has access to it, which could pose a threat to not only the privacy but also the safety of the person whose image it is of. This is particularly important for content makers to note because they have a duty to act ethically and lawfully in their practice. You don't want to be compromising someone else's privacy and you definitely don't want to be putting yourself in a compromising position legally. Read this article about taking photos of people and the law.

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Copyright laws exist to credit and protect the original author of creative content but they also exist to promote creativity. It is safe to assume that every photo uploaded to the internet is under copyright since it was taken originally by someone. Creative Commons is a non-profit organisation that aims to expand the range of content available that people can legally use without having to pay for it. Read more about using photos, copyright and creative commons here.

What about social media? If a person uploads their new profile picture and it shows up on your Facebook feed, this does not mean you can use it in your content making. It also does not mean Facebook, Twitter or Instagram owns the photo. So what are the laws when it comes to using someone else's photo taken from social media? Read this article about using photos taken from social media.

2. What makes a good photo?

Aside from the law, it's also really important to accompany your radio with an appealing image.

If you own a smartphone you don't need to have the latest camera model to take a good photo. These days the quality of the camera in a smartphone is just as good (and in some cases better) than a lot of cameras out there on the market. If you consider the basic structure of a photograph, know your smartphone and are aware of the many photography apps you are on your way to creating excellent images. Find out more about taking killer photos using your smartphone.

In addition to this, knowing the basics of photo editing will get you a long way too. Considering the platforms your photo will be used on is vital as it will influence the way you edit and size the image. If you don't have access Photoshop, your smartphone has a bunch of features that can easily do the job. We compiled a list of photo editing tips and tricks.

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