Multiplatform live shows for talk presenters

In any good talk show- whether it be a current affairs or more laid back magazine style program- there are a thousand stories which can end up online.


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Audio Online

Using the audio from your live show makes up just one element of the online content you’ll need to make it work. You will need to visualise the content and give online audience the chance to check out the story before they click to listen.

Remember a live radio listener may have heard you talk about it at the start of the show. They have also probably heard your introduction. An online listener has misssed out on both.

So how are you going to get them click on that audio player?

Write an Article

You could write an article using a few choice grabs from the audio. Just enough to get people to want more.

Or you could go the whole way and write an article which gives the online audience a choice – they can read or listen or both.

Radio programs which are really popular tend to include transcripts for audeince choice. You don’t have to go that far but you can write a longer article which captures the whole story.

This is done quite well in this radio feature and online article about a young African American artist. Read the article and listen to the audio story and you will catch our drift. Notice the photos.

Videotape some interviews

In some cases it may be useful to have a video set up. You could use short grabs for social media but you could also offer people the chance to watch the interview live. It goes without saying it helps if your guest is widely known. While this probably means you need extra hands on deck, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Sometimes the homemade look works better in social media!


If you are stuck for time and short of staff, the very least you can do is take some photos of your guest at the station.


Facebook is a great way to talk to the audience before during and after the show. Share short videos – you can do that on a phone. Ask the audience for questions.


Tweets work nicely with a photo and link.


This is the place for photos and videos.


Seriously, if you want a young audience you have to add snapchat to the repertoire. One radio presenter has used Snapchat to get instant responses from his followers and the used the audio online. Instant talkback! You can also compile videos as stories in Snapchat.

The list doesn’t end there. If you read some of the other articles below you will pick up ideas from across all genres of radio programs.

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